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I’m an aspiring English teacher who is trying to learn how to make the classroom technology friendly. Join me in my technological endeavors to make my digital footprint. I  promise to always be interesting and to blog about issues in education that impact teachers.

So a little about myself, I’m from a small town called Ridgeway in Southern Virginia. I graduated from Magna Vista High School (go Warriors!)  in 2013 with an Advanced  Diploma and I also graduated from Patrick Henry Community College in 2013 with an Associate Degree. I was able to graduate from both high school and college at the same time through a program offered at my high school called ACE (Accelerated College Education). ACE allowed students like myself to attend college and earn credit through dual enrollment while still being in high school. It’s a great program that helps students attain their degrees faster while also giving them a leg up on the college course load.

I left the small town of Ridgeway for the slightly larger city of Fredericksburg in the fall of 2013 the pursue a degree in English at the University of Mary Washington. I entered into the Secondary education program my second semester at UMW and instantly fell in love with teaching all over again. It has always been my dream to teach, but somewhere along the way I began to question my decision. I no longer had any doubt that my life belonged to my future students after my first practicum experience.


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