Challenge 2

Challenge Activity 2:

Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

Lesson plan can be found here —>Challenge 2

Self-image and identity can be hard for younger students to define, but it is often defined through the their social media and they do not even realize it.

For this lesson I chose to use a Prezi to help students determine what self-image and identity are. This lesson will be hands-on as students dive into the online world as a form of themselves that they have never shown to the world before. Their made up media accounts will help them understand that how they present themselves is ultimately how the world perceives them and eventually how they perceive themselves.

Press are fun (or at least they can be when you get the hang of them). My mom actually uses them frequently in her work for various presentations so I know they they can look AWESOME if enough time and effort is put into them. I, unfortunately, am not at awesome mom level yet. She is the with Prezis and I am sort of like a bomb with a dud fuse. But I’m working on it!


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