Web Based Inquiry User Test

For the user test, I got my 16 year old brother to look over the lesson to see if there was anything missing or anything that needed to be fixed. Even though the lesson was designed for students slightly younger than him (and he hates English), he was a good sport and helped his sister out.

  • Does it work as intended?

Yeah, all the links work. If I actually did this lesson I think I’d know what my inner writer looked like eventually.

  • Can it be even better than it is right now?

Maybe, it’d be cool if you had more picture and stuff. I guess all of the links are informative, so that’s good.

  • What did your user have a problem with? How can you make the problem area clearer?

There weren’t any problems, really, but what about the kids who don’t like to write? I mean, I know it’s English class, but maybe there could be another way to make the writing seem like it’s not that big of a deal.

  • Did your user have suggestions to make your essential question clearer?

No, I think the question was pretty straightforward.

  • Were they hooked?

As a student it’s always cool to do lessons where we get to use the computer. You did a good job of making this lesson fun for the students because there are all kinds of links to go to and look at.

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