Teaching Philosophy

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The students come first. It shouldn’t matter how many problems I’m having at home because the students’ needs will always come first. Students have needs and problems as well so what makes mine any more important than theirs? They are a teacher’s priority. Students are my¬†priority. While learning is an inanely large part of why students are in school, they are also there to grow as people. Teachers help shape students into the people that they will ultimately become. We’ve all had those one or two teachers we’ll always remember because they impacted our lives so significantly.

It is my personal belief that teachers should be good role models, active listeners, and the glue that holds the educational system in place. If it weren’t for teachers then where would we be? I certainly wouldn’t be the person that I am.

At the end of the day, the students are what is most important. The papers can be graded at home if it means I can listen to a student talk about their problems during my planning period. I will always put their needs above my own because it’s what I’m supposed to do as a teacher.

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